The Drakensberg has its name from Afrikaans  meaning Dragon Mountains. The Drakensberg was so named as the features of these dramatic mountains look imposing and intimidating and seem as if Dragons would inhabit them. So with such a fitting name its interesting how the Drakensberg Mountains have become a center to experience adventure tourism.

Experience adventure activities in the Drakensberg Mountains

Experience adventure activities in the Drakensberg Mountains

Adventure activities to experience in the Drakensberg Mountains

  • Mountain biking – The Drakensberg Mountains offer a number of great mountain bike trails. Single track and dirt roads make for great mountain biking and family fun.
  • 4X4 routes – If you like driving over rough terrains, this is the place for you. There are many routes that you can access only with a 4X4. This includes Middledale Pass, Lost Valley, Mike’s Pass, Bezuidenhout Pass, Sani Pass and so much more.
  • Game and bird watching – The drakensberg even offers a big 5 experience at Nambiti game reserve. Here you can also visit the cheeta rehabilitation center. If you are interested in the fauna, you can have a look at game such as rhino, zebra, and giraffes at Weenan Game Reserve and Spioenkop Game Reserve. Bird watchers can get a glimpse of over 150 varieties of birds at Falcon Ridge. Other game resrev options include Moor Park and Zulu Waters Private Game Reserve.
  • Horse Trails. The Drakensberg has a whole range of Horse trails to choose from. Antbear Horse trails are great for beginners. Or you could opt to ride with game at Zulu Waters Game Reserve or Spioenkop Game reserve. Berg Trails offers Drakensberg horse trails in the Kamberg Valley, Khotso Horse Trails offers a great horse trail in the Central Drakensberg and the Northern Horse is the best horse riding option in the Northern Drakensberg.
  • Canopy Tours. For those of you with a head for heights and a taste for adrenalin then this is for you. Slide through the indiginous forest of the Drakensberg foothills in the central Drakensberg near to Monks Cowl
  • Hiking Trails. There is no place on earth with better hiking trails than the Drakensberg Mountains. Not only is the scenery spectacularly dramatic but the trails are in good condition and you pretty much will feel like you have the mountains to yourself. The Drakensberg offers a huge range of hiking trails from beginners to severe endurance hiking trails.

If you are looking to plan your next vacation to experience so adventure activities  or just plain family fun well then consider the Drakensberg Mountains.

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