Experience an inner peace while you walk this magical path through our forest with spectacular views, gardens, sculptures and water features.

Labyrinth – A spiritual path

Labyrinths have existed for centuries and still create a fascination with almost everyone. This labyrinth is extraordinary with beautiful patterns in the earth hidden inside a forest with a deeper value that is hard to describe. It facilitates a physical and mental meditation through a long swirling path that twists and turns and as you walk and focus on your specific thought. Sometimes just focus on the pacing and breathing is enough to relax the mind and find new inspiration and inner peace. Your purpose is to find yourself. There is only one path and it reflects the path of life with its twist and turns and unexpected directions. The path was inspired by the forest and took what seemed to be its natural path as if the forest wanted it just this way. Along the way there are opportunities to just sit and meditate with sunrise and sunset views if that’s what you feel like doing. When you reach the center there is choice of 2 circles to meditate or pray with the only sound being a gentle wind chime and the rustle of leaves.

We have planted shrubs that have fragrances like lavender and roses and have planted lots of indigenous plants like aloes and elephant ears which attract butterflies and birds. Along the path there is a pond and chunks of fossilised wood and pieces of rose quartz for positive healing energy. There are dream catchers and beaded mobiles, totem poles decorated with feathers and interesting sculptures from stone and wood.

As you walk, you find yourself guided on the path that you are following and you begin to lose sight of the world around you. You can relinquish control and offer your thoughts to the higher powers in a spiritual sense. You will achieve a contemplative state of mind. Walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets the mind.

The labyrinth is a meditation tool used for retreats that take place at the lodge. But everyone is welcome to come and walk our labyrinth. We are grateful for the joy and benefits you receive. There is no charge to walk the labyrinth but bringing a gift for the labyrinth or a donation to the upkeep of the labyrinth is a great way of giving thanks for the awakening you experience.

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