Drakensberg Fly Fishing

Drakensberg Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a very popular pastime and the Drakensberg offers quite a few good fly fishing opportunities. The main fly fishing opportunities include rainbow trout, wild brown trout, yellow fish and large mouthed bass. There many crystal clear rivers and clear dams and there are options to make tasty meals from your catch but many fly fishing options are catch and release only.

Fly Fishing options near Antbear Drakensberg Lodge

  • Right here at the lodge are 2 dams that have been stocked with bass
  • The Bushmans River at Moor Park offers excellent opportunities to fly fish for yellow fish and brown trout. The river does have trees on both sides so a great deal of the fly fishing needs to be done wading through the river and fly fishing as you go. This is perhaps a better fly fishing option for those fly fisherman that are more skilled.
  • Zulu Waters Game Reserve will supply a fly fishing guide and give you options to fly fish along their 8km stretch of the Bushmans river. What makes this a great option is that this part of the river is seldom fished so the catches of wild brown trout are often quite big. This is a game reserve so you will need a guide to take you about. There is also a huge dam stocked with rainbow trout and little jetties make the dam very accessible for fly fishing. Often particularly large rainbow trout are caught here
  • The upper reaches of the Bushmans River just before the Giants Castle Nature Reserve is operated by Bushmans River Trout which is a very good opportunity to fly fish the river. There are very little trees on the sides of the river and its always crystal clear. Here its catch and release only. Just inside the Giants Castle reserve there are also fly fishing opportunities for trout but the sizes that are caught are mostly small while at bushmans river trout fish sizes are often larger the a pound.
  • The Little Mooi River in offers more  opportunities for fly fishing for rainow trout at Glengarry. Here you can get a permit for the day.
  • Highmoor has two world renowned dams where some of the larges catches are made. A day fly fishing permit is obtainable at the entry gate. A good recommendation is to have a float tube if you intend to fly fish here as the banks of the dam are fairly covered with weeds. The water is crystal clear which is unusual for such large dams.

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