Kamberg Nature Reserve off the best rock art site in the Drakensberg Mountains.

Kamberg Nature Reserve nestles in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg its central position ideal for visits to many other well known Drakensberg areas from Lotheni to Giants Castle. Kamberg is a delightful spot in it’s own right with three attractive picnic sites near the river and trout dams which provide a relaxing alternative to the scenic attractions of the many well maintained walks in the area.

KambergKamberg rock artKamberg bushman paintings

There are a number of self guided trails from the camp, one of which is suitable for handicapped visitors.

As well as the Mooi River, trout fishing can also be enjoyed in several dams which are open to anglers, all year round. Close to Kamberg are the trophy trout fishing dams of Highmoor which must be booked in advance.

There is magnificent rock art shelter in Game Pass and there is a guided walk to the area every Sunday.

Kamberg Rock Art Centre and Game Pass Shelter

The Game Pass Shelter is commonly referred to as the “Rosetta Stone” of southern African rock art, for it was here that archaeologists first uncovered a vital key to understanding the symbolism of San rock art.

kamberg nature reserveEland at Kamberg Nature ReserveKamberg bushman rock art

This site is special for so many reasons. It was one of the first sites ever to be seen by Europeans and appeared in the Scientific American in 1915. It was the first South African rock art site to be known in other parts of the world, and revealed the meaning of San rock art- it, in a sense, “cracked the code”.

The trail to Game Pass Shelter is a two-and-a-half, to three hour guided walk, via the spiritually moving Waterfall Shelter. It is nothing short of a world-class experience in Khoisan rock art and living Zulu and San culture.

The walk is preceded by a spectacular DVD presentation at the state-of-the-art Interpretive Centre that caters for a maximum of ten people at a time.

Sessions are run seven days a week at the following times – 08.30 and 10:30 and 12:30.

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