Natural and cultural values. These are of outstanding universal significance and importance as recognised under the World Heritage Convention, and incorporate the following:

  • Superlative natural beauty and aesthetic value of the area
  • The exceptional biological diversity, particularly the diversity of species and habitats, and the large number of globally threatened and endemic species
  • The diverse system of natural wetlands
  • The exceptional concentration, quality, diversity of subject, detailed depictions, and spiritual significance of San rock art. It is regarded by many to be the finest prehistoric rock art in the world, having a high degree of complexity of meaning, and including some of the last rock art ever painted.

Water Production. The Drakensberg range of mountains constitutes the principal water production area in southern Africa and is thus critical to supporting both the people and the economy of the sub-continent. The Park ensures that a significant portion of this mountain catchment area is conserved and managed to ensure the sustained production of high quality water.

Eco-cultural Tourism. As one of the largest protected areas in the country and South Africa’s only World Heritage Site listed for having both natural and cultural values of outstanding universal significance, the Park is a cornerstone of the
country’s tourism industry and a major destination for both domestic and international visitors.

Wilderness. The largely undeveloped and intrinsically wild character of the area result in vast wilderness areas that provide outstanding opportunities to experience solitude and for spiritual renewal.

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