Happy-BowlWhy not join us at the beautiful and elegantly zany Antbear Lodge in the Drakensberg for one our mindfulness retreats this summer.

Return to Centre

Arrive on Friday 18.9 in time to check in before dinner (18:30) and retreat introduction

Saterday 19.9. includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and tea break

Sunday 20.9 depart after lunch

facilitated and lead by Tessa Pretorius

Taking better care of ourselves is a common theme in many “good advice” columns. However, most of us still ignore this excellent suggestion, in fact, being told to take better care of ourselves often leaves us feeling even more forlorn, stressed or burnt out. Our reflex response is usually that we don’t have the time but, the real truth is that we don’t know how, or where to begin.

The secret lies in finding and returning to your centre. When we are centred we are able to deal with and handle so much more of what life throws at us. Return to Centre is a weekend retreat that combines mindfulness and other non-denominational and practical tools to help you to find, regain and retain your balance and centre so that you can ride life’s merry-go-round in style.


tessa-pretoriusTessa Pretorius is a writer and a life-philosophies practitioner and insists, no matter how cheesy it sounds, that she is an ever fascinated scholar of life. She has an MA in Philosophy (KU Leuven), studied clinical and holistic psychology and has been facilitating workshops and retreats on self-care and mindfulness for over 14 years. She recently returned from the Buddhist Retreat Centre (BRC) in Ixopo where she worked and taught for a number of years. Tessa continues to run annual retreats at the BRC and as well as weekly mindfulness sessions in Johannesburg. From September 2015 she will be running regular weekend retreats at the beautiful Antbear Lodge in the Drakensberg.


Mindfulness and Meditation – why should we meditate?

This is a question that has been pondered and debated for close to 3 000 years, not only by various religious and spiritual teachers, but also by philosophers, psychologist and more recently and increasingly by scientists.

Scientists and many medical practitioners have found that regular mediation alters your internal and brain chemistry in a way that helps to lower blood pressure, improve the immune system and reduce stress. Similarly, from a life style point of view, regular meditation helps you to regain your inner balance and centre thus relieving stress and enabling you to cope better with the joys and turmoils of life. It is important to note that mindfulness or meditation does and will not compete with or challenge you chosen religion. In fact it may even enhance your chosen path of belief by opening your heart and teaching you to judge less.

In other words, all the findings agree – meditation is good for you. By meditating regularly you will:

  • learn about and get to know yourself like never before
  • learn to identify and understand what triggers you
  • learn how to tame and manage those triggers
  • learn the difference between blind reactions and wise responses
  • learn to create spaciousness and calmness in your life

What meditation is not…

Many people expect meditation to “free or deliver” them from something. Mindfulness or meditation is not a miracle cure or a pill to swallow. If anything it is the gym of life. And, like going to the gym, no-one else can do it for you. You will learn, you will be amazed but there is no magic, you will be doing the work.



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