Teambuilding in the Drakensberg

Our conference facilities are perfect for groups of 30 and less!

Develop your team with a wilderness adventure!

Drakensberg accommodation - Hand crafted furniture

Several companies have held their Team Building sessions at Antbear Drakensberg Lodge and they have enjoyed the immediate access to space and the wildeness for their activities. The conference facilities at the Lodge have been used for the ‘theory’ sessions.

Groups of 30 and less are well suited to the facilities, but we can take larger groups for the team building activities, but alternative accommodation would have to be secured in the area for the overflow.

Barefoot Adventures in the Drakenberg

Barefoot Adventures is a specialist team building provider and will come to Antbear Drakensberg Lodge to host your team building event. Barefoot Adventures developed a wide variety of Team building events and activities that take advantage of the resources that the Drakensberg area so readily provides. With their professional team building facilitation you and your staff will be guided to develop better communication and  and better group dynamics. that will carry the shared experience beyond our boundaries and into  the workplace, increasing productivity in the workplace.

Team building ideas as single day outings

Most of the team building events activities are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Barefoot adventures we will find or  create the  event and activities that will suit your group requirements.

  • Drakensberg Canopy Tour
    Slide from platform to platform through the indigenous fores at the base of the Drakensberg Mountains at Monks Cowl through the indigenous forest. Book through Antbear Drakensberg Lodge and get a 20% discount off the canopy tour rate.
  • Day walk at Giants Castle
    Undertake a days walk at Giants Castle. There are a number of trails of varied length. Consider a trail to the Main Caves and have a look at the Bushman Rock Art.

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