Drakensberg’s soaring mountains, plunging valleys, beautiful waterfalls, rock pools and rivulets make it a scenic destination for people of all ages. The Drakensberg Mountains are popular with solo travellers and couples who want to lose themselves in nature by embarking on challenging hikes through the rugged mountains. It’s also a fantastic destination for families, with no end of exciting activities and sights for children to explore.

Here are 5 reasons why your family should consider a visit to Drakensberg.

1. The rugged landscape is brand new to young eyes

The dramatic, rugged setting of the Great Escarpment is an impressive sight for children who have never visited such an environment before. 28% of parents find that a new environment motivates their children to explore, and bringing them to Drakensberg is sure to inspire their desire to have adventures. The name Drakensberg evolved from the Dutch name Drakensbergen which means Dragons’ Mountains. The landscape will definitely set imaginations alight, spark curiosity and encourage kids to venture out of their comfort zone.

2. There’s lots for kids to learn about history, culture and ecology

Maloti-Drakensberg Park has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its archaeological, cultural and ecological significance. It has a diverse array of habitats that are home to many native and globally significant plants, as well as endangered wildlife such as the bearded vulture and the Cape vulture.

The site also boasts the most concentrated group of rock paintings in Africa south of the Sahara. This artwork serves as important evidence of the life, culture and beliefs of the San people who lived in the area for over four millennia. A visit to Drakensberg is a fantastic way for children to learn about world history and nature in a highly engaging and interactive way.

3. You can inspire good exercise habits with hikes

There’s a huge variety of hiking trails in the Drakensberg to suit a range of ages and ability levels, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a family-friendly route. For older kids who love camping, you could even consider overnight routes where you can pitch a tent or hire out an eco lodge to sleep in.

Exercise is important for people of all ages to protect their health and wellbeing, so it’s vital to encourage kids to be as active as possible. Research has found that physical activity promotes happiness in adolescents, and that happy adolescents are more physically active. It can be tough to get kids to tear themselves away from their screens, but taking them to a new and fascinating environment like Drakensberg is a great way to inspire them to exercise and show them the value of getting active in nature.

4. Adventure is easy to find for adrenaline junkies

There are lots of adventurous activities to try in Drakensberg, making it a brilliant destination for adrenaline junkie families. Scooter tours are a brilliant way to enjoy the region’s rolling hills with kids aged three and up. The scooters are equipped with chunky wheels for off-roading and brakes to keep everyone safe.

The Drakensberg Canopy Tour is an amazing zipline experience in which you travel along treetop and cliff face platforms and enjoy incredible birds-eye views of the landscape. There are also other exciting activities available in the area, including quad bike trails, mountain bike trails, a paintball arena, and a 17-metre free-fall swing from a suspension bridge installed in the treetops. Adrenaline-junkie kids will love the activities on offer in Drakensberg, and parents are sure to enjoy stepping out of their comfort zone and having fun.

5. There are endless opportunities to see and meet wildlife

Drakensberg is a wildlife haven and a visit to the region is a fantastic opportunity for kids to see and meet unique animals. Local animal centres allow kids to get up-close views of creatures, learn about them from knowledgeable handlers, and even have the opportunity to hold and interact with them directly.

There are several nature reserves and game reserves in the area where families can spot giraffes, rhinos, zebras, wildebeest, warthog and many more species. Horse riding is also a popular pastime in the area and riding tours are a fantastic activity for animal-loving families. The knowledgeable guides are skilled in pairing horses and riders so that people of all experience levels, including young children, can learn the basics of riding and safely explore the beautiful region on horseback.

Visit Drakensberg for family fun

Drakensberg is one of the most beautiful and culturally significant destinations in Africa. A family visit is the perfect way to help kids learn about history, wildlife and ecology while having plenty of fun along the way.

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