Once upon a time, deep in the Drakensberg Mountains, there was a special place known as Antbear Lodge. The lodge was known for its incredible views and its cozy and comfortable accommodation.

Guests would stay in a luxury cave that opened onto a wooden deck with hammock chairs and an uninterrupted view of the Drakensberg Mountains. They could also stay in the mountain or garden view suites. The lodge was also known for its Eco friendly practices that included organic vegetable gardens, chickens for eggs, cows for milk, and homemade bread and cheese.

Guests could enjoy private dining on the cave deck and take part in activities such as horse trails, hot air ballooning, and star gazing. The lodge was a place of peace and tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was a place to relax, destress, and reconnect with nature.

People would often come here to get away from the stresses of everyday life and to find inner peace and harmony.

The lodge was also known for its friendly and welcoming hospitality. The staff was always willing to help and to make sure their guests had the best experience possible. They truly treated their guests like family.

It was said that anyone who stayed at Antbear Lodge would leave feeling refreshed and renewed. They would leave with memories that would last a lifetime.

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