In recent years, structured “digital nomad” programs have blown up with more people around the world able to work remotely. Compounded to this the pandemic crisis has created even more opportunities for remote workers.

For those who aren’t as familiar with the term yet, “Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.” – Wikipedia

Antbear Lodge offers a paradise for anyone looking for a holday destination where they can work from. We offer accommodation, wifi, a work space, dinner lunch and breakfast at the retaurant in the lodge all included for a monthly price that is hugely discounted from the nrmal rates.

For international globe trotters are becoming more ethical and sustainable travelers, travel opportunities that only offer a quick glimpse of a country or culture are starting to seem shallow and altogether irresponsible. What are you really learning about a culture if you only go to a country for a few days? What are you giving back to that community? What are you learning if you only hang out with other foreigners and do tourist excursions like zip-lining, or if you never have the opportunity to connect with your host community because you’re just passing through?

Antbear Lodge offers opportunities to get involved. You can choose what you would like and what not. We offer opportunities to have an enviromental impact by joining in our alien invader irradication program or errosion control program. We also offer opportunities to get involved in our woodworking shed or alternative building practices. Some of our volunteers have liked to be part of the cheese making process or get their hands dirty in the organic garden making compost. Horse training has also been a big hit. Antbear Lodge really does offer an unsurpassed opportunity to get socially involved and engauge with our place.

Of course there is a lot to do in the area with hiking, adventure activities, dramatic mountains, rock art sites and so much more

So if a genuine, life-changing experience as a digital nomad is what you are seeking, here are 5 reasons why Antbear Lodge should be on your list of places to spend a month.

  1.  Build Genuine Relationships – It takes time to do this but the results make friendships that last a lifetime
  2. Focus on the Impact on Both Sides, Not Just on You – All too often, travel is about how it will benefit the traveler without much attention to the lasting effects on the community. It is important to support local businesses and live as eco-friendly as they do. We also encourage those with special skills to identify a need in our community. Good at building websites? electrcion? yoga teacher? Cultural exchange goes both ways and the community you are gaining so much from being a part of can also benefit from you being here too.
  3. Actually Immerse Yourself – Much better than just passing through a place. Take the time to learn what it is actually like to live as the locals do in their normal, every-day life. Immersing yourself and living in another culture is, for most people, one of the most transformational experiences of their lives.
  4. Get Work Done – Moving around from destination to destination in a short span of time takes a toll, and frankly, it isn’t sustainable. Moving around lowers productivity, which makes working remotely feel more like a long-term vacation, with little to show for it besides cool Instagram pictures. No matter if you’re working for a company for your yourself, you will need to get stuff done.
  5. You Can Still Travel, but Have a Homebase to Return To – Maybe the best part of staying in one place for at least a month is that you can have the best of both worlds. You can check out the whole east coast of South Africa while you pick and choose what works for YOU. After all, isn’t that what drew you to being a digital nomad in the first place? You can still have the experiences you want with the flexibility and comfort of your own space.

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