A sustainable journey building from straw bales

straw bale building

Antbear Lodge (www.antbear.co.za) is all about disconnecting from our stressful lives and reconnecting with the natural beauty of the area. This is a comfortable Eco experience in beautiful organic structures created from straw bales, natural rock, rammed earth, cob and sun-dried bricks. We started our slow process of alternative building in 1999. As you can […]

Digital Nomad hangout in the Drakensberg

Are you a digital nomad deciding on your next stop to visit? Well, the Drakensberg Mountains are best known for its laid-back relaxing vibe, spectacular views and clean fresh mountain air. With this pandemic, open space in nature and fresh air has become a premium making the Drakensberg the perfect place for digital nomads. Many […]

Health Retreat with Dr Ron van As

Antbear Lodge & Health Retreat with Dr Ron van As (Limited space available) Book your retreat now Retreat essentials Dates: – arriving  Feb 26 departing Feb 28 – arriving  March 12 departing March 14 Pricing  is inclusive of for the 2 nights accommodation and  meals on the program at Antbear Lodge. R3300 for the garden […]

Sustainability at Antbear Lodge

So what do we mean when we talk about sustainability? Better still just what have we done towards achieving our sustainable goals? So this is our sustainability story. Responsible tourism is the lifeblood of Antbear Lodge and is the basis of just about everything we do. We have realized our dream of a self-sufficient lifestyle […]

Giants Castle View Slackpack

Giants Castle Slackpacking trail

I thought I knew the Midlands intimately but perhaps I was thinking too local, apparently there is far more to the Midlands than the R103 Hilton to Nottingham road. Driving past Mooi River, we passed along a very scenic and lesser travelled district road to Antbear Lodge, the starting destination of a newly curated 3 […]

Simple Tips to Make Your Drakensberg Camping Trip More Eco-Friendly

Eco friendly drakensberg

Simple Tips to Make Your Camping Trip More Eco-Friendly Camping and caravanning are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, with the industry showing a 96% growth in 2017 compared to the 20.3% experienced by guest houses and guest farms. While camping with family and friends is without a doubt a fun-filled experience, it is of vital importance to […]

Planning A Fun And Stress-Free Family Vacation In South Africa


South Africa continues to be a popular vacation destination, and in the first half of 2018, it was estimated that 4.4 million tourists visited this part of the African continent for its diverse tourism offerings and experiences. Families with young children are particularly drawn to South Africa, as it’s where one can encounter wildlife unlike anywhere else […]

Star Gazing Hammock Camp in the Drakensberg

star gazing drakensber

Mlendeni Sitole will tell you his stories of the night skies. He has built a star gazing hammock camp for you to relax and observe the heavens and listen to the night sounds. He makes you feel like you have never seen the night sky before when you go stargazing at Antbear Lodge. The Milky […]

5 Eco-Friendly Tips For Travelling With Your Dog

As the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend, and if you share your home with one of the 9.2 million dogs living in South Africa, you’ll know exactly why this is true. Dogs quickly become part of the family, and it comes as no surprise that a growing number of owners are now taking […]

Antbear Farm

The farmyard We are not farming commercially. Lucky because we would not make a profit. We grow everything organically have a few sheep chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. And 3 Jersey milk cows. Antbear Farm kitchen For the last 19 years we have been developing our concept of farm to fork. We grow the bulk […]