Going on holiday when you have a pet can be a stressful thought. You may worry about how they will cope without you and debate whether you should put them in a kennel / cattery or pay for a sitter to come check on them. But have you ever considered taking them away with you? Pets are family, after all, and they can turn a mediocre holiday into an amazing experience.

Obviously, the type of animal you have as a pet will largely determine their suitability for a holiday. Dogs, horses and even some cats can truly appreciate a change of scenery, whereas reptiles, birds and fish are probably best left at home.

If you own a suitable pet, here are three reasons why you should plan to take them away with you for your next trip.

Antbear Eco Lodge in the Drakensberg is a great example  of a destination that is perfect for your pet friendly holiday.

Expanding your horizons

Dogs especially love to run and roam, and if you allow yourself to follow them you will likely end up in some pretty magical and secluded spots. Travelling with your pet encourages you to find new places, whether that’s due to restrictions leading you to a different beach or woodland, or just exploring natural environments you might otherwise miss.

Pets also take life a little less seriously than we do, so having them as travel companions can help you to slow down and relax. In fact, spending quality time with your four-legged best friend is known to boost your wellbeing, reduce anxiety and even make you less likely to suffer from depression.

They will help you meet new people

Aside from being a great comfort and source of company if you are travelling alone, bringing a furry friend on holiday is a great way to meet new friends. People love meeting animals and they can be a great conversation starter to help break the ice.

If you’re taking your pet on a road trip, you’ll be more inclined to take regular walks and pit stops which means more chances to be sociable. You won’t have to struggle to draw friendly attention, as people naturally gravitate towards cute companions of the animal variety.

Better photo opportunities

It’s hard to go travelling without taking hundreds of pictures of the new and exciting places you discover, but with a pet, expect those photos to be far more memorable. If you enjoy posting your pics on social media, we guarantee far more reactions when you include your pet in the frame. Plus, a photograph of your beloved pet in exotic places and stunning landscapes make brilliant canvases for your walls back home. If you’re savvy enough with your camera you may even end up with a famous instagram star for a pet.

However you choose to enjoy your travels, if you do decide to take your pet you’re sure to enjoy some special moments and quality time. Whether you stick together or make new friends along the way, you’re sure to deepen your bond with your pet regardless and have an amazing time.

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