Travelling for holidays this winter?  Let us help you choose your Drakensberg winter activities

Going on a Drakensberg holiday during the colder months of the year can be just as enjoyable as a summer vacation in the Berg.

1.Enjoy the magnificent snow capped vistas of the Drakensberg

There are very few sites that are as awe inspiring as snow covering the dramatic Drakensberg Mountains. Chill out with a great book in front of your fireplace or put on some warm cloths and go for a walk. The days are perfect with sunshine and clear views with magnificent sunsets. Winter is a great time to explore the Drakensberg Mountains.

2.Embrace the cold by going skiing and snowboardingAlthough South Africa isn’t renowned for having a snowy winter, there are few parts of the country that do get some snowfall. Regions like the Drakensberg Mountains, and some parts of the Eastern Cape and Lesotho are known for significant drops in temperature resulting in snow during the winter months.

Skiing and snowboarding are fun winter activities to partake in when it’s snowing, but it’s worth noting that southern Africa only has 2 ski resorts — one in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains and another in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho.

3.Watch the annual Sardine Run

From May to July, shoals of sardines migrate from KwaZulu-Natal’s southern coast to the Wild Coast. This attracts vast numbers of predators such as sharks, seabirds, carnivorous fish, and marine mammals.

The Sardine Run is considered one of the most spectacular marine events on earth and attracts many tourists from both inside and outside South Africa. The sheer number of sardines seen during their annual migration makes them very easy to catch, with people easily scooping them up in buckets.

If you enjoy learning more about nature and are interested in catching some sardines in the process, you’ll certainly marvel at the Sardine Run.

4.Go on a winter safari

 A winter safari is the best time to spot animals like the Big 5. This is because during winter, there is significantly less rainfall, making it the dry season in the wilderness. The result is that animals gather more frequently around watering holes to quench their thirst. A clear destination choice is Nambit Private Reserve

Added to this, the bushveld tends to be thinner during the winter month, making it easier for visitors to spot game due to the increased difficulty they would have camouflaging.

5.Visit a hot spring

Hot springs are one of nature’s phenomena. They’re great for revitalizing the body and mind and are the perfect activity to partake in when the weather is cold. Nothing beats relaxing in a warm hot spring on a cold winter’s day. Places in South Africa that have hot springs include Eshowe, and Amanzintaba.

Despite the colder days, going on a vacation in winter can be just as fun and memorable as any other time of year. Consider the above 5 activities for an enjoyable winter vacation.

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