Royal Natal National Park

Come experience the perennial magic of the Royal Natal National Park for yourself.

Hiking is by far the most popular activity in this Drakensberg Reserve.

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Royal Natal National Park has some of the best mountain scenery in the Drakensberg Mountains. The main feature at Royal Natal National Park  is the world famous Amphitheatre, a rock wall approximately that is approximately five km in length, and approximately 1000m high. On top of the amphitheater is the Mont-aux-Sources peak where the Orange has its source and the Tugela Falls the second highest waterfall in the world cascade down the face of the amphitheater.

Other notable peaks in the Royal Natal National Park include Devil’s Tooth, the Eastern Buttress and the Sentinel. Rugged Glen Nature Reserve adjoins the park on the north eastern side and offers great Drakensberg camping opportunities.

Hiking in Northern Drakensberg

royal natal national park

The most popular walk in Royal Natal National Park is the Tugela Gorge walk a round trip of 22 km to the base of the Tugela Falls.  The summit of Mont-aux-Sources can be reached by walking via the summit plateau and scaling a 100-rung chain ladder its a long walk. Hiking trail maps for Royal Natal are available at the visitor centre.

Trout Fishing and Horse Riding


Trout fishing at Royal Natal National Park can be done in a dam in the park and in the Mahai and Thukela rivers. Permits can be obtained from the Royal Natal  Visitor’s Centre. Picnicking and swimming in the fresh mountain streams are a popular summer pastime. Horse riding is another popular activity at the Royal Natal National Park and the stables are situated at Rugged Glen (036 – 438 6422.) which is a short drive from the main entrance gate to the Royal Natal National Park.

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